AUDIO: Paul Heyman Knows Stephanie McMahon Hates Him


Paul Heyman recently spoke with Hot 97 about his WWE return and more. Check out the highlights and the full audio below:

On his initial plans for his WWE return: “I knew Brock’s plan when I agreed to come in and do this deal with Brock. I was very satisfied. If I had just done this run with Brock, I would have been very satisfied.”

On his plans with CM Punk: “If that (their association) leads to WrestleMania 30, that would be great. Right now, our focus is where we take his character for WrestleMania 29.”

On his confrontation with Stephanie McMahon at RAW 1,000: “When I had the confrontation with Stephanie McMahon – and I know that there’s a lot of people out there saying, ‘Oh, everything Stephanie said she meant and it was real’ – I hope so! I would want it to be that way. I wouldn’t want it to be any other way because if she’s going to deliver – and she delivered her message phenomenally – that’s great. It’s riveting. This is my goal. We did a segment on television on Raw 1,000 and I can’t imagine that you’ll ever have a career retrospective on Stephanie McMahon and not include that clip. If it takes Steph using her personal feelings about me to bring it, then bring it! I hope she meant every word that she said.”

On being able to blur the lines with Punk and Lesnar between storyline and reality: “I think one of the luxuries I have been afforded since I have come back is the line has been blurred since Day One with me…Although it’s within the realm of the storyline, there’s nothing I’m saying that I don’t truly believe in. The way I deliver the message is an asshole, because that’s my character, but there’s nothing I’m saying that I have to be scripted to say.”

On being more of a silent, background player to Punk: “It’s a whole different way for me to play this character. It’s a new character for me. I’ve never really been silent guy. I’ve always been the one who does the talking for the monster, On this one, I shouldn’t do the majority of the talking. And, it’s a totally different way to play it. With Brock, I did all the talking. With Punk, it wouldn’t make any sense for me to do the talking.”

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