AUDIO: Ryback Wants To Be #1 Ahead Of John Cena


Ryback spoke with 106.7 The Fan DC/CBS Radio during WrestleMania AXXESS about his desire to become the top babyface in WWE and more. Check out the highlights and the full interview:

On his desire to top Cena: “My goal is to take over the #1 position from John Cena and take over the company. I’m not shy about saying it. John, I respect him more than anyone, he’s a very hard working individual. He’s been on top for 8-10 years now and he’s been untouchable. I am the one guy that can touch him and I believe I can outsell him on merchandise, and I can do things he has not yet done.”

On the enormity of doing so: “Those are big words and I have big shoes to fill, and he knows how I feel. I feel like our company needs someone new to step out. I’m very outspoken and I want to be the WWE champion and have the chance to put the company on our back. I love this, I have a passion for this, and I believe that my best is better than his best.”

On being trusted to call an audible during RAW: “I was actually just planning on throwing Santino into Mark and knocking him out of the ring. I get liberties out there – they trust me when I’m out there. Santino – he entertains me – so when he I set him down and he kind of put his hands up, I said, ‘Why not?’ I just threw him up and launched him onto Mark.”

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