AUDIO: Sting On Why He Sticks With TNA & Still Wrestles


Sting recently spoke with Brandon Baxter on 101.7 Kiss FM Jonesboro, Arkansas. Here are some highlights…

On Why He Has Stayed With TNA: “It’s the same answer every time and that is the brand, just love the brand. It reminded me of the old school WCW and actually launching Monday Nitro and becoming the talk of the town and then talk of the whole wide world, and I saw the same potential here with this group of guys and everyone behind the scenes as well.”

On Why He Still Wrestles: “Man, the crowd. The crowd is always the ticket, always the key there. I have always had a relationship with the crowd for so many years and, man, any wrestler who denies that is lying to you. The crowd matters. It’s also the guys and the group of people we have and trying to accomplish something, to get the name and brand out there.”

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