Austin Aries Comments on the Incident with Christy Hemme in TNA Wrestling


On his conversation with Bruce Prichard (head of talent relations at Impact at the time) about the incident: “So I got a call from Bruce Prichard, head of talent at the time, and we had a conversation. And I just reiterated, ‘Hey dude, first of all, now things like sexual harassment are being thrown out there, that’s no fucking joke.’ And for me to make an apology, I just, why are we letting outside pressure tell us how to police our business? We should keep our business our business. We can make a joint statement, company wide statement, we’re aware there is concern over interaction between two of our characters, we all sat down and had a great talk, whatever, no smoke, no fire.”

On what he still blames Hemme for: “I told her straight up, Christy, your tweet saying this was unacceptable kind of started all of this. I said, ‘You put a tweet out can end all of this.’ I can’t say, ‘Hey, I called her and everything is cool,’ but you can say, ‘Hey, he called me, it’s all good,’ and this goes away. She was saying, ‘Hey, they don’t want me to say anything.’ Well so now you’re protecting your interests and you’re letting things be said that aren’t true. That’s not fucking cool. Because you said something. First of all, you screwed up your job, that wasn’t the first time, or the second, or the third. And then, now instead of taking the fucking ownership of that, OK, I made a bad decision, I didn’t think of all the factors and scenarios, that was my bad, I could of done a million other ways of being an asshole to correct her without standing on the turnbuckle, I’ll own that one, that was just bad judgment, but I’m not going to cop to fucking sexually harassing someone. That’s fucking bullshit. And also, I think it’s funny that, OK, is it because she’s an attractive female and I’m a guy, so the connotation is I must want to fuck her? Because that’s kind of what is implied. I never made eye contact with her, I never made any gyrations or anything. So there was never anything sexual about what I did. So if it’s sexual harassment, is it because I must want to have sex with her? That’s one thing I always found curious. Who is to say I didn’t have the chance and passed on it?”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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