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NewsAustin Aries & Daniels Talk TNA's X-Division & More

Austin Aries & Daniels Talk TNA’s X-Division & More



Source(s): Monday Night Mayhem & Pwtorch

Austin Aries & Daniels recently spoke about the future of the TNA X-Division. Here are the highlights…

Austin Aries: “You take someone like myself out of the X Division, and that was a big hole that had to be filled. You see Zema Ion stepped up, and Sonjay Dutt, who has had some issues with his shoulder, but has come back from that. You saw Kenny King make his debut, and I think we will be seeing him again. There’s an influx. There are guys coming in and making some impressions. We will see what happens there.”

Daniels: “I think Kenny King is going to be somebody to see once the focus is back on the X Division. I feel like Kenny deserves the spotlight. I think Sonjay Dutt is finally going to get an opportunity to shine once he gets back from his shoulder injury. And he’s someone who has a lot of character, he just hasn’t been able to show it. And then Zema (Ion), of course. He’s a great character, he’s a great athlete. He’s very young, but he has a lot of experience. It’s a matter of giving him an opportunity to show that side of him.”

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