Austin Aries: “I Deserved To Be Fired From WWE!”, HOH Crowd Boos Him Out Of The Building


During the House of Hardcore 35 event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania over the weekend, former WWE Superstar Austin Aries cut a promo, discussing his WWE career and taking personal responsibility for being fired. Aries noted he was going to go back to using his Austin “The Truth” Aries moniker.

Aries also commented on the recent scandals in Hollywood. He said, “[Hollywood is run by] a bunch of unsavory characters with a bunch of shady business practices.” He also commented on his release from WWE.

The crowd reportedly got very impatient during the lengthy promo. Fans started booing Aries and chanted “boring” and “sh-t the f–k up!” Aries then took some of the booing fans to task, claiming that WWE firing him was his own fault, but said it was because WWE brought out the worst in him.

Aries on why he was fired from WWE: “The truth behind why Austin Aries was fired isn’t because creative couldn’t find nothing for me, how do you not find something creative for Austin f–king Aries?. The truth is, I got let go because I probably deserved to be. They didn’t find anything for me because they didn’t want to find anything for me because I was f–king miserable. ”

Aries on relationships getting tarnished with people he cared about: “I competed at WrestleMania 33, and I’m telling you, leading up to what should have been the biggest moment of my life, I couldn’t find an ounce of joy. That’s when I realized, there was something wrong with me. In six months, I lost my job. Relationships with people I cared about were tarnished.”

Aries also said, “I’m a compassionate mother f–ker who cares about people.” Aries went on to say he’s going to move forward by being the “greatest man he can be,” and that means he has to learn the truth about himself. Aries went on to say that because of the crowd at House of Hardcore he’s no longer angry, and “I can finally be free.”

At the end of his promo, Aries thanked the crowd and was interrupted by Alex Reynolds, who Aries defeated by submission. The complete video is available to watch at

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