Austin Aries No-Sells BFG Main Event Finish, Flips Off Management


**Contains Spoilers For the Main Event Of Bound For Glory**

It may not have been clear to some at the time, but watching from a fans viewpoint shows Aries completely no-selling the finish to this years Bound For Glory main event. He proceeds to angrily insult management before walking out.

Moose and Killer Kross did not go with him, instead looking bemused as Johnny Impact celebrated with his wife. Does this spell the end of Austin Aries in Impact? Or is it a work? You can view the video of the incident here: Austin Aries No-Sells & Walks Out

David Bixenspan tweeted: “Aries got up immediately and started cursing out Don Callis before walking to the back while flipping Callis off. Johnny clearly mouthed “Are you KIDDING me?” as he watched it play out. Announcers made zero mention of it. Welp.

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