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Austin Aries Says He Showed A Woman She Didn’t Belong After Her “Inappropriate Actions”



Austin Aries has responded to accusations of sexual misconduct by saying he proved a point against his accuser’s “inappropriate actions.”

In 2020, Aries faced several accusations during the #SpeakingOut movement, with one woman claiming he made her kiss his testicles at an event.

In a since-deleted tweet from the time, Aries said:

 “I was proving a point and teaching a lesson. And it was quite effective.”

Now, Aries has provided more context, saying that wrestling journalists have twisted his words and that he used “inappropriate actions” to show his accuser she didn’t belong in the wrestling industry:

“Here’s another example of some anonymous reporter taking a story and twisting it to create a completely different narrative. There was absolutely no ‘sexual abuse.’ Zero. She didn’t belong in the locker room and showed why with her inappropriate actions. Feign outrage elsewhere.”

In 2020, Aries faced another accusation that he crept into a woman’s bed and stroked her thigh after he and a few other indie wrestlers stayed at her house following a local show.

A third accuser claimed that he made her dance for him and move her shorts so he could see her better

Aries was recently announced for the Control Your Narrative promotion, created by EC3 and Adam Scherr.

CYN will have their first event this week with a TV taping on March 31.

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