Austin Aries Speaks Out, Styles/Dixie ‘Unedited’ Audio Relea


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TNA Impact Wrestling’s current X Division Champion and participant in the Infinity Pro’s Grand Tournament, Austin Aries joined Just Another Goddamn Rasslin Show Wednesday Night. In a nearly 20 minute interview, he talked about his upcoming title match against Bobby Roode at Destination X, which wrestlers he had enjoyed working with, the evolution of his gimmick throughout the years, if there was an “indy” stigma, what he thinks the next evolution of the business is, his views on TNA doing live programs this summer and a host of other topics.

Who he has enjoyed working with- “I wouldn’t say there’s one, I mean there’s always a handful of guys that you have certain chemistry in the ring with, that I always enjoy getting in the ring with. You talk about Brian Danielson, Samoa Joe, just to name a couple. There are other guys as well I have a good time with: Jimmy Jacobs, even though I usually end up spilling some blood in those encounters. But yeah there’s usually a group of guys, upper echelon guys that’s always fun to get in the ring with.

His evolving gimmick through the years- “I don’t know if my gimmick has changed per se. I think I’ve evolved as a wrestler; I’ve evolved as an entertainer and performer as far as my character. It’s just different parts of my life; when you’re talking about Generation Next days, my demeanor was just very singularly focused on making it myself. We were kind of no nonsense, all business; we were new to the scene and making people take notice. Fast forward now-a-days, I’ve obviously got 12-years under my belt and I have some accolades, I’m a lot more comfortable in the ring. So, you can see a lot more confidence exuded in my demeanor. I enjoy them all; I just enjoy getting in the ring and having a lot of range.”

What he thinks about TNA Impact doing live shows this summer- “I hope it is (a full time move). This period shows that being live makes a big difference, all across the board. It’s hard to surprise people if they already know what’s going to happen, and I think that element of surprise is something that we can definitely capitalize on and we can get people interested in the product. I think it’s a great move; hopefully when the summer’s over, they can decide it was a profitable move and continue to push forward. Going live is the first big step and I think (other people have mentioned it and I kind of agree) that eventually the next step is taking the show live on the road; it would be the big leap I think we’d all like to make.”

His view on the status of the X-Division and where it’s headed- “It’s carved its niche in the promotion; historically it has a lot of lineage and importance and hope it continues to have its own segment in the show, focused on the X Division. Obviously, through some injures and departures, the X Division roster has been depleted, so I think there’s going to be an attempt to restock coming up here and Destination X could be a place to start that.”

You can see Austin Aries on weekly on TNA Impact live this summer at 8pm ET/5 pm PT on Spike TV and watch him face off again Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode at the Destination X PPV (Sunday July 7th). Make sure to call your local cable provider for details. You can also catch Austin Aries at the Infinity Grand Pro Tournament at the National Guard Armory in Bloomington, IN (Saturday June 30th). For more information, please visit or Also, make sure to follow Austin Aries on Twitter (@AustinAries)

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— TNA released an “unedited audio tape” of AJ Styles and Dixie Carter’s phone call that was played on IMPACT, along with the edited one. It turns out that the whole thing was arranging for a surprise birthday party for Dixie’s husband, Serge. …

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