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NewsAustin Aries Explains Why Jim Cornette Dislikes Him

Austin Aries Explains Why Jim Cornette Dislikes Him



Former WWE star Austin Aries was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

How he was disappointed after seeing what Jim Cornette was like:

I grew up watching this guy. I was super excited and stoked when he was being brought in to work with him, and super disappointed to see how he is and the fact is he’s kind of got that old school mentality, he’s working everybody all the time, he’s working all of his followers. All the shit he says, it’s funny, he talks about Trump and how much he hates Trump, but he uses the same kind of tactics to pander to his fanbase. Lowbrow shit.

Why Jim Cornette dislikes him:

He has no reason to. He just dislikes me. I think this is what it is, Jim. I did an interview, and they were asking me about Ring of Honor and the differences and this and that. And I said, I asked him, I said which Ring of Honor? Because I said Gabe’s Ring of Honor and his vision was different from Pierce’s, which is different now to you have Cornette in there, it’s kind of like Smokey Mountain of Honor.

And he heard that and got super fucking, I think that’s why he hates me, because I said Smokey Mountain of Honor. I just thought it was clever. I didn’t even hate Smokey Mountain, I liked it. I was trying to shit on your stuff, dude, I was just pointing out a difference between the original Ring of Honor concept and Jim Cornette’s concept were kind of on different ends of the spectrum.

So if you ask me a question about Ring of Honor, you need to specify which one you’re talking about. And that was all I said. And I think he heard it, and after that’s when he just fucking started going off on me and burying me after he heard Smokey Mountain of Honor. So, I apologize, so I don’t know if it’s that or if it’s the relationship I developed on camera with Bananas, that he’s a little taken aback by and threatened by. It’s cool, we’re just friends, Jim.

Cornette telling a story about Aries telling him that he took a bump that made his ‘dick not work’ and then became a manager:

The bump I think he’s talking about, and I didn’t hear his thing, I see some of the tweets and comments come through about my dick not working, like what the fuck is he talking about? This is fucking great. I was working a match with Colt Cabana, and you ever see the move Fireman’s Carry, it was the fucking cage match in Chicago, where we did the gimmicked door, so he does the move where he’s got me in Fireman’s Carry, he’s standing on the second rope, and then he drops to the mat and he drops you and you land on the top fucking turnbuckle, so we’re going to do it in the cage, so I said oh this will be fucking sweet.

So we’re going to do it from the top, so you have the cage behind you so you have your balance. What I didn’t think about is because the cage was there, I couldn’t go vertical and flatten myself out to drop, so I end up crotching the fucking top rope when he dropped me from his shoulders on the top, dropped me and I end up fucking crotching, and yeah dude, some of the worst fucking pain of my life.

See Jim, you’ve only taken one bump in your career and you almost fucking broke your fucking back so you probably don’t know what it’s like to take bumps night in and night out and all the shit it can do to you, so that’s why you shouldn’t talk so much about things you can’t do. So yeah man, this bruise developed a week later, my whole underside from my taint, up to tip, taint to tip, was fucking purplish-blue, I snapped a picture of it. I had to. I had never seen anything like it. It was fucking absurd, man.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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