Austin & HBK At The NRA Convention Fan Report


Credit: Cody Young and

Once I heard Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels were going to be at the NRA Convention in Houston I canceled everything I had planned on Saturday. They both started signing autographs at 2:00 p.m. and we got there around 1:00, then immediately got in line. There were probably about 20 people in front of us but the line grew tremendously as time went on.

Austin was there to promote his new $1,000 scope, which is actually a very good one, and Shawn was there to promote his hunting show. Austin was very nice to everyone and even joked around with my friend and I about our mustaches. I told him how I grew up watching him on TV and how he was one of the guys that made me want to wrestle, and one of the reason why I have a drinking problem. He got a good laugh out of that. He told me I needed to start drinking in moderation otherwise I wouldn’t be wrestling for too long!

After that we rushed to get to Shawn’s booth and surprisingly the line was very short. We were only in line for about five minutes. I told Shawn how I try to emulate his selling in the ring in which he responded, “Oh no don’t do that, you won’t be walking in 10 years!” (ironically enough, I tore my rotator cuff the following night at wrestling training).

I told him a little about Doomsday Wrestling and explained how I couldn’t afford $3,000 for wrestling school. He explained that he paid the same amount back in 1984 and look where that got him! Everyone was really nice to the fans, although Austin’s management tired to rush everyone. He answered every question he could and made every fan feel welcome. I also autographed a Doomsday Wrestling flyer for both of them and they got a huge kick out of that! It was truly an honor to meet both of these legends and I can’t wait to meet them again next year.

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