Austin Responds To Sammartino’s Comments + Kelly Kelly/WWE


— WWE reportedly offered Kelly Kelly a new five-year contract with the company. As of this past weekend, she had not signed the new deal. As noted over the weekend here on the website, Kelly Kelly’s relationship with WWE is being described as “strained.” Some in the company expected her to return at the 1,000th RAW and be full-time, but she did not. She was backstage at the event but was not used. As of this weekend, she had not informed the company when she would be back, nor given any future plans about time off.

Steve Austin has responded to Bruno Sammartino’s criticism of him, tweeting the following:

I have always respected Bruno’s career and what he accomplished. However, I could give a rats ass of his opinion of SCSA

For those who have not heard Sammartino’s remarks, you can listen to the audio below:

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