Austin Theory Opens Up On Working With Vince McMahon


Since being called up to the WWE main roster last year, Austin Theory has been doing backstage segments with Vince McMahon where Theory is trying to impress the boss. 

Theory recently spoke with WWE Deutschland about working with McMahon.

“It’s amazing,” he admitted. “I remember the first time I found out we were going to do anything together, work together. I was nervous because I’m like, there’s no, there’s no bigger like star in, I feel like in WWE than Mr. McMahon. And then it comes to sports entertainment as a whole, you know, he’s definitely the first on that Mount Rushmore.

“To me, that’s like all going through my head when I gotta go, you know, sit down with him and we have to shoot this promo. And especially, you know, being live, it’s a lot of pressure. But I think over the time, like just learning from him and knowing what he wants and what he’s looking for, and just his, you know, mentorship and him helping mold me and understand, you know, how the WWE works, it’s, it’s awesome and I have no complaints about it whatsoever.”

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