The Authors Of Pain Talk About Being Paired With Paul Ellering & More


Former WWE Superstars The Authors of Pain were recently interviewed by Ango as they spoke about working with the legendary Paul Ellering on WWE television, among other topics that were also discussed below:

Selmani on being paired with Ellering: “Actually from what we know is that Hunter brought Paul Ellering in to see us actually train, work out, see us from a distance and you know, just check us out. Like, because, from what I know, he didn’t accept many offers after the Road Warriors, right? After Legion of Doom, he didn’t accept many and we were the first ones where he actually – really, that he trusted and he really believed in, and yeah.

“I mean, he pushed us. He pushed us just like the old days, man. He made us do the squats, do the push-ups, does the workouts before every match. He hyped us up. He hyped us up and ‘leave no prisoners’. That was his saying before every match. He grabs by the neck and he said, ‘leave no prisoners’. It’s going to be everything or nothing. Yeah man, every, every match that we did with Paul, was all of nothing. Like the motivation, we had for those matches, when he was around with us and it was crazy, man.”

On the pairing with Ellering ending when they got called up
Selmani: “We didn’t want this, but we’re professionals. You know, we’ve been training for this all our lives. He helped us push it. He said… once we heard like we had to, we had to do that, we had to leave him after the match, he told us, ‘guys, like, you’re not even going to try to fight this. This is gonna be it’. He said, “I helped you guys come here. I did my job.’ He said, ‘Now it’s time for you guys to kill it.’ He said, ‘Sometimes life sucks, but hey, you’ve got to continue. He said, ‘It’s not over yet, you know?’ He knew it. He said, ‘It’s not over yet.”

Dhinsa: “The higher-ups made that decision, not us, you know? Where we, we loved having Paul with us, you know what I mean? We still do. You know, and if we decide to get back in the ring or whatever, we want Paul to be involved somehow.”

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