Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong Admits She Demanded More Money During Her Stint With Impact Wrestling


During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Awesome Kong remembered demanding more money from Impact Wrestling during her time there, as she comprehended how valuable she was to the company. Kong noted that she never regretted standing up for herself at the time. She said,

“I did feel like I wasn’t being compensated for what I had accomplished. So now today, yes I was right. I have no regrets for asking them to pay me what I felt I deserved. They knew they were paying me peanuts and they knew that I was broke as hell and they were banking on me being so broke that I couldn’t leave and telling me, ‘WWE is never going to pick you up because they only hire “X, Y and Z” type people,’ and that sunk in for awhile but me being me saying, ‘Well I would rather sell oranges off these of the 405 freeway than to not get paid what I feel I have earned. Deuces, it’s been nice and awesome, but I can’t work and not get paid what I feel I earned. I was a businesswoman and knew my business […] already being a black woman I made three-fourths of what other people make so knowing that when Gail [Kim] and I would pop up on that screen, that’s when the highest ratings would go on. Numbers don’t lie. You got the spreadsheet right there, it said, ‘Them two b*****s right there is making y’all’s money. Pay them.’”


Mickie James, who was a co-host of the podcast, said,

“Kudos to you, because it is slowly, even still, changing.“

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