Awesome Kong on Coming Up With Kharma Gimmick, her WWE Run Being Cut Short


Awesome Kong talked about her brief run in WWE, and coming up with the Kharma character during her appearance on Talk is Jericho. Here are the highlights: 

On her short run in WWE: “I was there for all of — I was there for technically a little over a year, but I was only on TV that first time for about two months. And didn’t know that whole time that I was with child that whole time. Had no idea, no clue … so when we found out, then that’s when I went on maternity leave. And then came back for the [Royal] Rumble. And that was it.”


On why she left the company: “Well, I lost my son. So that took an emotional toll. And they had asked me, you know, they wanted me to get into a certain kind of shape which, you know, I agreed to do. But they asked me how could they help. They said, ‘We’ll do anything you need to get back.’ And I let them know, ‘This is what I need.’ And then it was like, ‘Well, how about we just send you down to FCW?’ And I was like, ‘[sighs] I’m not really in an emotional, mental state to go down there and be amongst people right now.’ But that’s what they asked, that’s what I’m doing. And I got there, and I was just like a zombie. I would just stand there, watching people train and stuff. And then I actually asked if they would bring in Sara Del Rey to help me get ready. And I guess they brought her in eventually. Like, literally two or three weeks after they let me go, I guess she was in the process of coming on before but I got let go before she got there on an official capacity.”

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