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— The official WrestleMania 28 program lists the DVD and Blu-Ray release date as May 8th. The twelve-man tag team match showed pictures of all twelve wrestlers, including The Miz and Booker T, but had Christian pictured instead of Drew McIntyre.

— F3 Entertainment announced via press release that Los Angeles Templars defeated the Las Vegas Highrollers to win the first annual Rodney Anoa’i Cup. The promotion gave the following description of how it went down:

Wrestling Superstar Jr. Fatu, of the Las Vegas High Rollers, was dragged to the middle of the crowd, only to be beaten and blind-sided with the kitchen sink by the Templar’s Count Black Pearl.

On the opposite side of the ring, High Roller Grand Masta pulled a 42″ flat screen off the wall and slammed it into the side of Gangrel’s head. Jr Fatu still reeling from the previous blow, stepped up to confront Gangrel outside the Templars cage. Jr. then attempted to pile-drive Gangrel into the ground, but as he lifted the vampiric warrior, Eyez, the Templar manager, climbed to the top rope. In a death defying, last ditch effort, Eyez threw himself from the highest point in the ring onto Jr., saving Gangrel.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Grand Masta released a downed Count to punish Eyez for interfering. Unable to catch him, he instead tried to once again subdue Count Black Pearl with a steel dustpan. Trying to take advantage of the disabled Count, Grand Masta peaked his head out from the ropes to grab the referee’s attention. As he did, the rejuvenated Gangrel wrapped a Stop Sign around the Masta’s skull, sending him into the Count’s “Pearl Jam” finisher. With the “1 2 3”, The Count secured the Templars the first Territory League Championship and the coveted Rodney Anoa’i Cup.

— Here are some AXXESS match results:

Ezekiel Jackson defeated Hunico

Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose

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