B-FAB Talks About Her Run With WWE, Open To Returning


Former WWE Superstar B-FAB (aka, Briana Brandy) was a recent guest on The Angle Podcast as she spoke about her run with Hit Row in WWE, along with being open to the idea of returning to WWE someday.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Briana Brandy on possibly returning to WWE: “I would be open to going back. For me, business is business, it is what it is. There is nothing you can do about big companies and the decisions that they make. There is no reason to have any ill feelings, you just have to operate and do your thing as a business as well. I would go back.”

B-Fab on if other companies looking to bring in Hit Row (aka HitMakerZ): “As of now, no, but that’s also because I’m doing so many things right now. I have connections in both of those, who are like, ‘whatever happens, let us know,’ but there hasn’t been any interest in reaching out to us, wanting to bring the group or anything. You never know. People add things to their groups and change things all the time. You never what will happen.”

B-FAB and Hit Row were previously released by WWE last November.

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