Backlash Plans For Tag Titles, American Alpha, Smackdown Crusierweights?


Here is some of the latest news coming from Smackdown, courtesy of Ringside News:

– As of this moment, the current plans are for The Usos to come out of Backlash as the first Smackdown Tag Team Champions. The Usos are coming off a loss against American Alpha, but took Chad Gable out after the match, forcing them back in the tournament.

– Reportedly, the reason why Smackdown officials went through with the Chad Gable injury angle was because they wanted to have a top heel team being chased by a face tag team to inaugurate the titles.

– There is said to be some heavy consideration to giving Smackdown their own cruiserweight division. Vince McMahon isn’t high on the Cruiserweights (Triple H is very high on them), but according to the report, he would prefer for RAW and Smackdown to have equal championships on each show as a means to achieving balance. However, the reported caveat is the success of the RAW cruiserweights, before they consider extending it to the two brands.

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