WWE Super ShowDown
WWE Super ShowDown

Backstage At Super ShowDown With Undertaker (Video), WWE The Day Of, Steve Austin/RAW


– The latest edition of WWE Top 10 touched down on the official WWE YouTube channel on Wednesday. The video features a look at the top ten “Most Destructive Moments” from WWE Hall Of Fame legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. As noted, “The Texas Rattlesnake” is scheduled to return on next week’s special “3/16 Day” edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. Check out the WWE Top 10 video on “Stone Cold” below.

– WWE has also released a special preview snippet from their new behind-the-scenes special focusing on their recent Super ShowDown 2020 live WWE Network special from Saudi Arabia. As noted, “WWE The Day Of: Super ShowDown” is scheduled to premiere on the WWE Network this Friday, with the name of the series getting a slight adjustment, as WWE has added the word “The” to the title for the first time with this episode. The name-change will continue with future episodes as well. Check out the preview clip for Friday’s “WWE The Day Of: Super ShowDown” special below.

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