Backstage Concern Over The Rock & The Royal Rumble


At this time, there is reportedly growing concern within WWE as to whether or not CM Punk vs. The Rock at The Royal Rumble is a wise move. The Rumble is a pay-per-view that tends to sell itself and has traditionally always been one of the most purchased PPVs throughout the years. The concern is over whether or not having The Rock in a high profile match at the Rumble is the best use of WWE’s time and focus.

There are some WWE officials who feel that with The Rock appearing at the pay-per-view, the attention paid to the Royal Rumble match will be less than what it should be from both an advertising and creative standpoint.

Currently there is no set plan or path on exactly what is going to happen regarding The Rock at the Royal Rumble and the road to WrestleMania. A few months ago, people would have stated that it was a sure thing The Rock wins the title at Rumble. But now there is less certainty as WWE is said to have not made final decisions on any of the high profile names, feuds and matches for WrestleMania 29. They will be working heavily on this over the next several weeks.

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