Backstage Extreme Rising News: iPPV, Attendance, More


Source: Pwinsider

— The iPPV replay for Extreme Rising’s weekend show is available here. The live stream reportedly did very well, and there were no issues with the broadcast.

— In terms of attendance, the show reportedly drew 700 to 850 people in the former ECW Arena. The arena is not yet completed but once it is done (expected to be in April), it will begin featuring various types of events including (but not limited to) wrestling.

— The Extreme Rising show will be delayed, as Arda Ocal was set to come in from Canada as the lead TV host but weather issues from several weeks back caused a flight then to be canceled. The promotion wanted to do some taping this weekend but Ocal had a schedule conflict; as a result the show won’t debut on January 1st as hoped. Matt Striker and Joel Gertner will be on the announcing team instead of Ocal.

— Former WWE talent Rich Ortiz asked to work as a heel, since he knew the crowd would turn on him as a WWE alumni.

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