Backstage Heat On Lilian Garcia, Morrison Note, Y2J, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— John Morrison is doing a multi-part Q&A at

— Today, WWE released the first new Chris Jericho t-shirt in years.

— As noted earlier, Lilian Garcia had a rough night Sunday night at Over the Limit as she mishandled no less than three ring introductions and was involved in a heated argument with ring announcer Justin Roberts in front of the live audience. According to sources, there is a lot of heat on Garcia backstage for her multiple gaffes. For those who didn’t see our earlier report, during ring introductions Sunday night for the participants in the Fatal 4-Way Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, Garcia incorrectly announced Sheamus’ billed weight as 227 pounds, rather than 267 pounds. In another glaring miscue, Garcia announced Hunico as a match participant seconds after Hunico proclaimed Camacho as wrestling. Broadcaster Michael Cole took the opportunity to once again denounce her ring announcing ability, say he wasn’t surprised by the mistake considering the source. Garcia also drew the ire of fellow ring announcer Justin Roberts for mishandling ring introductions for the Intercontinental Championship Match between Cody Rhodes and Christian. Garcia acknowledged her announcing slip-ups during a recent interview with The Sam Roberts Show. She stated that while she receives feedback regarding her gaffes from peers, they don’t make fun of her.

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