Backstage Incident With Sabu At PWS Event Last Night



During last night’s Pro Wrestling Syndicate event, Sabu came to the ring before the Jushin Liger vs, John Morrison match and ended up doing nothing. Sabu came out on his own with PWS oblivious as to why it happened. They were later told by the sound guy that Eric Simms, the agent that booked Sabu at the show for a signing, told him that it was added.

PWS talked with Sabu about appearing and working a match, but he turned it down unless he was given an additional fee. PWS didn’t pay, so he just signed autographs. PWS promoters were angry that he came out, as they thought it confused the audience and made them think something was coming that was never planned. When Simms was confronted, it led to a physical altercation in which Simms was hit by both Pat Buck and Eric Tapout before being removed from the locker room by Kevin Matthews.

The feeling is that Simms sent Sabu to the ring to get more attention and sell more autographs and photos.

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