​Backstage News – Cody Rhodes’ WWE Release, Were There Plans To Drop The Stardust Gimmick?


In the statement he released yesterday following his departure from WWE, Cody Rhodes said he asked WWE creative and the people in charge of the company to drop the “Stardust” gimmick and let him go back to wrestling as just Cody Rhodes.

On last night’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer claimed that the plan was for Cody to drop the Stardust gimmick around WrestleMania 32 or the night after on RAW. Meltzer said, “Vince McMahon and Triple H – and it was more Vince McMahon on this one, from what I was told – they decided [that] we’re not going to do it.”

While Cody Rhodes was granted his release from WWE, sources are saying that he’s still being held to the terms of his current WWE contract and the departure was “not amicable” by any means. One source said WWE is “kind of putting the screws to him.” WWE is reportedly trying to make it difficult contractually to go work for another wrestling company, including TNA, ROH, New Japan, etc. WWE has previously “released” talents, but held them to a non-compete for the remaining time left on their deals. There is no word on how long Cody Rhodes has left on his current contract.

Stay tuned!

ORIGINAL: Cody Rhodes has posted the following statement on Twitter, which he claims will be his only one regarding his release…

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