Backstage News & Details On Billy Corgan’s Purchase Of The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)



Here are more details on Billy Corgan’s purchase of the National Wrestling Alliance:


* There are no tape libraries involved in the purchase; the NWA On Demand streaming website (which utilizes the Boesch family library from Houston) is also not involved. Corgan is not buying any footage as part of this purchase.

* Once Corgan finalizes the sale, he will assess the brand and build a plan for going forward. This will be the first of many steps, so don’t expect big moves from Corgan’s NWA right away.

* Dave Lagana is 100% on board with the project and is working with Corgan.

* There are technically no members of the NWA, Bruce Tharpe owned the NWA and brand, he was instead selling licenses for promoters to use the NWA initials.

* At this time, there have been no talks of talents attached to the promotion. Corgan is focusing on completing the sale and building his plans and strategies for the NWA brand name.

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