Backstage News – Is WWE Interested In Bully Ray?, The Surprising Answer Inside Here


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While Bully Ray is reportedly on his way out of TNA unless they can come to
terms on a new deal, WWE reportedly has no interest in signing him. They haven’t
been interested in the last year and didn’t try to sign Devon when he was
available. His age is against him, as is the fact that he has detractors in the
company like Randy Orton. There are many within WWE who are surprised at this
due to how over Bully Ray is on the microphone right now in TNA and how good his
in-ring work still is at his current age.

While he could be helpful as a trainer or agent, WWE has all of those
positions filled at the current time. There is also a hiring freeze due to
budget cuts. That’s not to say that some new talents will be signed but they are
being very picky with who they choose and are looking for younger talents as we
reported last month here on the website.

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