Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho & Matt Hardy

Backstage News on Chris Jericho-Matt Hardy Segment From AEW Dynamite


As seen on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite in Jacksonville, Florida at Daily’s Place on TNT, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho closed out the show with a one-on-one confrontation after Hardy teleported from the crowd to the ring. 

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the angle between Jericho and Hardy was taped on Tuesday and Jericho reportedly “hated it.” They couldn’t redo the segment live for obvious reasons.

They wanted to tape it on Wednesday before the show but couldn’t because the venue is outdoors; it would have been obviously daytime.

Thus, they had time available for Kip Sabian vs. Darby Allin so AEW taped the segment and rushed through the editing of it with just 15 minutes before it aired on TV. 

Meltzer noted they liked how the second angle was shot compared to the first. Jericho also told the same story during a recent Q&A on social media.

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