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Backstage News On CM Punk’s Controversial Interview With ESPN Ahead Of AEW Return



CM Punk will return to AEW on Saturday, June 17 on the premiere of AEW Collision. The show will emanate from the United Center in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, IL. Punk will team with FTR against Samoa Joe and Bullet Club Gold in the main event.

Although Punk is yet to return to AEW, his comeback has already generated huge buzz and controversy online.

Earlier today, Wade Keller of PWTorch stated that a media story was expected to drop later today or tomorrow regarding AEW and Punk. Keller said,

“I am under the impression between now and Saturday, there’s going to be something that comes out that media wise that is not gonna help matters, probably. I don’t mean to be cryptic but I haven’t heard the details or seen enough to say much but yea, I just don’t know. I just think it’s gonna be one of those weeks, I’ll put it that way…From what I’m hearing behind the scenes in AEW, it’s just gonna be one of those weeks.”

According to a report from Fightful Select, the belief is that the story Keller has referred to is actually an interview with Punk by Marc Raimondi for ESPN. The interview is expected to be released soon, and it will feature the two-time AEW World Champion answering several questions on multiple topics. The topics include The Elite (The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega). News about the interview reportedly reached the AEW locker room last night at Dynamite.

The word of Punk’s ESPN interview did not have a pleasant reception based on secondhand reports of what was allegedly said by Punk himself. His comments pertain to “his version of what is true.”

While AEW reportedly set up Punk’s interview with Raimondi and monitored it closely, the Second City Saint allegedly spoke in a way that would apparently “blur the lines” between wrestling storyline and reality, similar to his infamous Pipebomb promo in WWE.

Punk communicated in this fashion so as to “create buzz for upcoming shows.” The veteran wrestler answered questions in a manner that would make fans question whether it was a work-shoot or real.

Hangman Page was deliberately brought up in the interview in a way to give off “work-shoot” vibes and blur the lines.

Punk reportedly made it clear during the interview process that he dislikes Page. The Second City Saint also noted that there were spots during their AEW World Title match at Double Or Nothing 2022 where he “felt” that Page was “shooting” on him by intentionally chopping him in the face.

It’s unknown what will ultimately emerge in ESPN’s interview with Punk that was reportedly conducted last week. Moreover, Punk was aware that the interview and his statements would come off as “polarizing.” AEW also sent Punk documents meant to protect the company, including disparagement agreements, ahead of his return this Saturday.

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