Backstage News on Current Discussions for WWE Evolution 2


WWE Evolution was a massive hit as the first-ever completely female WWE pay-per-view. Ever since the show ended in last October, people have been asking when the next one would occur.

According to a report from Sportskeeda, talks have truly begun regarding the follow-up event.

The belief that with Sasha Banks back in the fold, Trish Stratus scheduled to appear on the October 4th edition of SmackDown and Ronda Rousey possibly due to return to WWE by the Fall, all the pieces may be in play for a second all women’s showcase to take place in October.

WWE also just announced Crown Jewel 2019 in Saudi Arabia. With no women performers allowed, an Evolution event would provide great exposure for WWE’s female Superstars.

Reportedly, a WWE source had this to say:

“Talks never really ended but they were always brief. Some people were fiercely for it but the logistics didn’t iron out. Things are looking very different now. People higher up are starting to listen.”

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