Backstage News on How the WWE Office Staff Is Handling the Coronavirus


There is no doubt the Coronavirus is impacting everyone’s daily lives, including the wrestling industry and millions (and millions!) across the globe. The Coronavirus is impacting a number of companies and events all across the globe. As reported by PWInsider, the idea is for the WWE staff to work from home rather than the main offices. The idea is to limit the number of employees in one setting. This will reduce the chances of the staff members catching the virus, but also allowing the company to move forward.

Video Credit: Wrestlelamia

The plan goes hand-in-hand with how other companies, such as television and movie studios, are handling the situation. People’s saftey is the number priority, not just the wrestlers but the people who work hard from behind the scenes too.

As always, we here at EWrestlingNews will keep you updated on this developing situation.

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