CM Punk

Backstage News On Reactions To CM Punk’s Return On WWE Backstage


Courtesy of a new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, we now have a little more insight on the backstage reaction in WWE following CM Punk’s return.

Reportedly, one top-name Superstar indicated that they’d love to work with CM Punk in any form or fashion saying, “someone like that, you can have a great story with, and where there’s a great story, the fans are happy and there’s (money), so I’m happy.”

Another Superstar says WWE is screwing up in a major way if they don’t use Punk in Chicago for Survivor Series week.

All reactions weren’t positive, however. One name was quoted as saying, “I have zero time for that guy. So no thoughts, no.”

All in all, CM Punk has definitely made a splash upon returning. You can read social media reactions from within WWE here.

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