​Backstage News On Rey Mysterio Wanting To Leave WWE ASAP & His Meeting With Vince McMahon


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As noted earlier this week, Rey Mysterio was brought to Buffalo, New York for
this past Monday’s edition of WWE RAW.

Prior to that, Mysterio was called a few weeks back, just prior to the WWE
Mexico tour, as the advances were initially low for ticket sales.

WWE wants Mysterio back despite the fact that he’s made it clear he does not
want to return. The WWE creative team was even informed to begin coming up with
ideas for Mysterio.

Part of the reason Mysterio wants to work outside of WWE is because he saw
Myzteziz (aka Sin Cara) was able to call his own shots and get $5,000 per match
working in Mexico. Additionally, he’s confident he could make good money as one
of the flagship stars for the new Lucha Underground group.

Mysterio reportedly shook hands with Paul Levesque (aka Triple H) and the two
thanked each other for their time together when his deal expired six months ago,
only to find out that Vince McMahon was extending his contract for another year
based on time he didn’t work due to injuries.

A big part of the reason WWE wants to enforce the clause in his contract that
allows them to automatically renew his deal if he’s out of action for an
extended period of time, which he was due to injury, is because they don’t want
him working somewhere else, at least without forcing him to cool off by sitting
him out for a full year off of television.

As noted earlier, Rey Mysterio was not in Albany, New York on Tuesday night
for the WWE Main Event and SmackDown TV tapings as he flew home following his
meeting with Vince McMahon backstage at Monday’s RAW in Buffalo, New

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