Backstage News On The Authority’s WWE Future


For those of you wondering why The Authority has been the focal point of WWE TV Programming as of late is because NBC representatives are reportedly huge fans of The Authority storyline.

When WWE was in the process of negotiating a new television deal last year, NBC representatives were very high on The Authority more than anything else. The feeling is that The Authority, led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, is “best for business” and that NBC suggested that The Authority become the centerpiece for WWE TV shows, particularly Monday Night RAW.

What it means is that the WWE now has their hands tied behind their backs: they have to please NBC in order to maintain good relations with them so that their TV deal can continue. The WWE can’t make any modifications without possibly upsetting their stakeholders, and NBC just so happens to be one of them.

As a result, don’t expect The Authority go go away anytime soon until NBC changes its mind on them.

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