​Backstage News On The Ongoing WWE Budget Cuts, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider.com

— One of the major backstage stories that’s been brewing since the launch of
the WWE Network earlier this year has been how WWE will be handling “PPV
bonuses” for talent, since the PPV revenue stream is being phased out.

As of last week, WWE management has still not addressed the issue. A lot the
wrestlers have been frustrated without knowing how they will be paid for
pay-per-view events, including CM Punk, before he left.

— Regarding the ongoing WWE budget cuts,
there will be even more staff and developmental cuts between now and the next
investors call this fall.

WWE is also cutting the budgets on several planned projects. There had been
plans to expand certain departments in the company and hire more employees,
however, all of that is on hold for now.

As reported last week, WWE is scaling back the money spent on wrestler
entrances and buses and trucks for the production crew.

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