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News​Backstage News On The Wolves' Future With TNA Wrestling, WWE Bound?

​Backstage News On The Wolves’ Future With TNA Wrestling, WWE Bound?



Take this for what it’s worth but it appears that The Wolves won’t be able to take indy bookings after May 1st when their TNA contracts expire. When asked about indy bookings, Davey Richards took to Twitter and tweeted the following, announcing that they won’t be able to take bookings after May 1st:

The reason this is noteworthy is because the team re-signed one-year TNA contracts in May of last year. Of course, this would mean their contracts would be expiring at the end of April. While this has led some online to speculate that they could be WWE-bound, that would seem unlikely as they likely can’t negotiate with another company until their TNA contracts are done. Another possibility is that they have signed now contracts with TNA that will restructure whether they can do indie appearances.

WWE made a play for the Wolves for NXT back in 2013 and the group even appeared on TV before going to TNA.

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