Backstage News On Why AEW Delayed The Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy World Title Match


As we reported earlier today here on eWn, AEW confirmed during last night’s episode of Dynamite that Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy for the AEW World Championship will take place on June 26, which will be a special Saturday night episode of Dynamite. The original plan was to hold the match during next Friday night’s episode of Dynamite.

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, the June 26 episode of Dynamite will be a live broadcast on TNT. AEW President Tony Khan wanted “a really spectacular show” for that night and wanted the title match to air live instead of being taped last night or today. Khan noted that he wants this Dynamite to be a “big one,” so that’s the reason the Kenny Omega vs. Jungle Boy match was pushed back two weeks. Another reason is to help boost ticket sales for the live crowd in Jacksonville, FL.

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