Backstage News – Reason Why WWE Is Not Getting Involved In The “Broken” Gimmick Battle


As most of you are aware, the dispute between Anthem/Impact Wrestling & The Hardys over the “Broken” gimmick is still on-going and does not seem like it will end anytime soon. Yesterday, Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm released a series of messages between himself and Matt Hardy. (which you can read here) This then caused the wife of Matt Hardy, Reby to join in and show her displeasure of these “messages” and “emails” being put out to the public. (read here)

On the latest installment of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer spoke on the on-going war over the “Broken” gimmick and why WWE is not stepping in to resolve or better yet, retain the rights to the gimmick. Meltzer claims that the reason WWE is not stepping in is because they do not want to set a precedent of buying a gimmick or an idea from another company.


Meltzer also stated that WWE is not interested in the LEGAL process of getting the rights the gimmick, but in the emails that Impact Wrestling President Ed Nordholm presented yesterday, he noted that WWE was not interested in the gimmick at all, which Meltzer pointed out; if WWE was not interested, they would tell Matt to stop doing the “Broken” mannerism on WWE TV.

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