​Backstage News – Roderick Strong Headed To WWE?, Jim Ross On The WWE Wellness Policy


UPDATE: To add fuel to the fire that Roderick Strong may be headed to WWE, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer says that the situation is “pretty clear” that Strong “is going to WWE.” According to the reports, Strong recently said goodbye to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla at PWG 13, and he recently wrapped up his Ring of Honor commitments. Strong is currently 33 years old and his career has seen him for work TNA Wrestling, PWG, EVOLVE, Full Impact Pro, Pro Wrestling NOAH and numerous other indy promotions.

ORIGINAL: During a recent blog post on his JRSBARBQ.com website, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed Roderick Strong possibly signing with WWE, the status of his upcoming autobiography, the WWE Wellness Policy and more. Here are some highlights:

On Roderick Strong possibly going to WWE: “Loved having Roddy Strong in Oklahoma recently for OklaMania and his match with Dalton Castle was stellar. I expect Roddy to join WWE soon and he will be a great addition to their roster when he does.”

On the status of his upcoming autobiography: “Work continues on our autobiography with the talented Paul O’Brien and we are shooting for a 2017 release of this intense labor of love.”

On criticism of the WWE Wellness policy: “WWE Wellness Policy being applicable to full time talents only. I have no issues with this philosophy, as it is daunting to test part timers who are not in the every day rotation of the roster. WWE’s drug testing program is by far the best within the genre and it strikes me odd that other company’s who either rarely test their talents or don’t do it all are seldom questioned on this matter simply because ‘They can’t afford it.’ Wouldn’t the wellness of one’s athletes be a vital part of doing business? Many critics of this matter have no idea what Lesnar’s contact states nor the full understanding of the Wellness Policy in general. Please do not construe this as me eluding to the fact that I enough PED usage even in an entertainment entity. I don’t. Talents don’t need them but the narcissistic nature of many pro wrestlers always will rear its ugly head when it comes to how they look and the short cuts some talents take to achieve an unnatural appearance.”

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