Backstage News: Why Shane McMahon Is Wrestling At Hell In A Cell


According to sportskeeda, a main reason why Shane McMahon is wrestling at major events is because Vince McMahon believes he is a big draw. WWE gives Shane a great deal of credit for WrestleMania 32’s success.

Because of injuries, the show was looking to be an epic failure at one point, though WWE adding Shane to the card caused an additional of 26,000 tickets sold. It also caused secondary market pricing to spike to an average of $301.

This, of course, could’ve been a coincidence, although McMahon vehemently believes that it was based upon bringing his son back as an in-ring competitor. The event netted $29.4 million.

Shane is receiving a $1.5m per year guaranteed contract, and it’s being said he netted $1.8m during the first year of his deal, including $300,000 in bonuses and royalties.


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