​Backstage News – The Latest On Prince ‘Ricochet’ Puma To WWE, Lucha Underground Future?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Although Lucha Underground ran an angle where Prince “Ricochet” Puma lost a “Grave Consequences” match, the promotion has reportedly made him “a major offer” to sign a new contract. With that being said, he could make more money with Lucha Underground, New Japan and the indies than just about anyone in WWE NXT (excluding Samoa Joe, Nakamura and Finn Balor). The Lucha Underground money would be less than a main roster WWE Superstar makes, though.


Ricochet is currently scheduled for the New Japan Super Juniors tournament in May and June. Following the tournament, he’ll be taking some time off and won’t be taking any indy bookings during that time.

If he does wind up leaving Lucha Underground, he likely won’t be able to debut with WWE until sometime in 2017 when his non-compete clause expires.

For what it’s worth, there is talk of bringing the “Prince Puma” character back for season four of Lucha Underground. If he leaves, someone else would likely wind up playing the character.

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