Backstage News – The Original Plans for Roman Reigns’ RAW Partner, Cedric Alexander Update


As seen during this week’s WWE RAW broadcast, Cedric Alexander appeared during the main event (under a mask). He replaced Roman Reigns’ original partner, Gary Garbutt. During the main event, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre tried to give $5,000 to the janitor, Gary, to stand on the apron and not help Reigns. Instead, Alexander came out dressed as “Gary the Janitor” in a mask and helped Reigns instead. With that being said, Shane McMahon and McIntyre still won the match clean after pinning Alexander.

According to PWInsider, the original plan was to have an “extra” portray the role. Later in the day, someone on the creative team pitched to have Cedric Alexander in the slot instead and they went with that.

There are plans to do a follow-up angle on RAW with Cedric Alexander.

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