Backstage News – The Reason Chris DeJoseph Was Fired As Lead SmackDown Writer


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On Friday, we reported that head WWE SmackDown writer Chris DeJoseph was fired from WWE. As noted, DeJoseph’s release was not due to any cutbacks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. He had also just received a promotion within the last week or so. According to a report from Sescoops, DeJoseph was fired on Thursday, May 28th. The firing was said to have been due to “inappropriate conduct and remarks” he made during a backstage WWE meeting.

As of this writing, there are no other details on his alleged remarks or conduct. Whatever he said, it pissed off WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. DeJoseph had been working under SmackDown Executive Director Bruce Prichard. Vince McMahon was the person who made the decision to fire DeJoseph and he was said to have been “irate” over DeJoseph exhibiting “highly unprofessional” behavior.

According to people who worked closely with DeJoseph, he was struggling to maintain and keep up with the company’s grueling work schedule.

In addition to that, Dave Meltzer is reporting that DeJoseph’s dismissal was “disciplinary” and that “something happened with Vince”. Everyone found out about DeJoseph’s firing on Friday afternoon.

DeJoseph and Edward Koskey had both been working as the co-lead writers for SmackDown prior to DeJoseph’s firing.

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