Backstage News – Vince McMahon Changes His Mind On Rey Mysterio/Seth Rollins Finish


As seen during Sunday night’s “The Horror Show at Extreme Rules” pay-per-view event, Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio in an “Eye for an Eye Match.” WWE hyped up the match and stipulation in that you could only win if you pulled your opponent’s eye out. Many were disappointed with the corny finish of the match, which used a prosthetic eyeball.

According to Dave Meltzer, it was Vince McMahon who decided not to go through with the original planned finish. That was for the company to use CGI to show Mysterio’s “eye” getting ripped out. We reported yesterday here on eWn that McMahon personally oversaw the match and picked out the props that he wanted used. The match was taped during the afternoon hours on Sunday because of the planned finish involving the eyeball. Vince McMahon wanted to make sure it “looked right” and that they had time for some editing.

The original finish of the match would have allowed fans to see Mysterio’s eyeball popping out of his head. Meltzer said, “When Vince saw it (CGI version), he felt it wasn’t good to be seen, so he had that edited out.”

It should be noted that Google searches on Mysterio’s eye got double the attention a WWE pay-per-view event would normally get. There were also multiple mainstream media outlets that covered the spot on Monday.

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