Backstage News: Why WWE Considers Signing Kevin Steen A Big Deal + Why They Announced It Today


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

UPDATE: The reason WWE waited to make the official
announcement regarding the signing of Kevin Steen until August 12th was because
they wanted it to coincide with the launch of the WWE Network in Canada, where
Steen is from.


As noted previously, WWE is acknowledging the fact that the Steen signing is
a major addition to their roster. Apparently, WWE informed Dean Ambrose to no
longer use the running cannonball into the corner move anymore, as they want it
to be a fresh move for when Steen makes his debut on the main WWE roster.

ORIGINAL: According to sources,
WWE is well aware of the fact that Kevin Steen has the potential to do big
things in the company. There was some initial concern by some about how Steen
might be treated after word broke that he had signed, but the company realizes
his potential and knows what they have with him. Of course, it all depends on
how Vince McMahon feels about him once he’s called up. Triple H is high on

Also, Steen has reportedly already been told to cut
back a few pounds..

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