Samoa Joe

Backstage News – WWE Officials Very Happy With Samoa Joe & Jerry Lawler’s Commentary Work


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Samoa Joe’s work on commentary this past Monday on RAW drew “high praise” from WWE officials. They felt his interaction with Jerry Lawler was excellent.

As previously reported here on eWn, Dio Maddin is off WWE television in order to sell the “attack” angle from Brock Lesnar several weeks ago. Joe was used in the commentary role this week as he’s currently recovering from a broken thumb. He will be returning to in-ring action once his thumb heals.

It should also be noted that Jerry Lawler’s return has been well received backstage. WWE officials feel he’s been delivering better than expected and has helped Vic Joseph get the rhythm of RAW commentary down. The only thing Lawler has been told is to stay away from dated cultural references. The RAW brand is currently trying to target the more youthful demographic and push new stars.

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