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Backstage News – WWE Reportedly Upset With The Rock Calling CM Punk Following RAW


UPDATE x 2: For those wondering, WWE had nothing to do with The Rock calling CM Punk last night after RAW went off the air and were said to be upset that he did it. The Rock decided in the moment to make the call so he could pop the live crowd at the STAPLES Center. WWE officials weren’t happy and reportedly sent someone to ringside to ask The Rock to go in a different direction. At one point, a fan yelled that they would turn his mic of and The Rock said: “They better not turn off my mic.”

Punk and WWE still have issues after he walked out of the company in January 2014. He later said he was having health issues and found out he had an MRSA staph infection. He claimed during an interview with The Art of Wrestling that a “lazy” WWE doctor ignored the issue. He was also said to be upset with how his pay would be hurt by the WWE Network, and with WWE not putting him in an official WrestleMania main event, one of his last major goals as a wrestler. WWE eventually sent Punk termination papers on his wedding day, although Vince McMahon publicly apologized for that on The Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network. Punk eventually signed an agreement that let the WWE sell existing merchandise and a video game that had him in it. After that, Punk signed with the UFC as a fighter.

WWE physician Chris Amann later filed a lawsuit against Punk and Colt Cabana for slander, claiming they hurt his “standing in the medical profession” and caused him personal harm. He is still with WWE although he hasn’t appeared as much on WWE TV as he used to. The lawsuit is currently pending and likely won’t go to trial until the summer of 2018.

UPDATE: The Rock and CM Punk had an interesting (kind of) exchange after Raw went off the air. The Rock came out to rile up the fans and get them to stay for the filming of scenes from Fighting with My Family that were taking place. Rock told the fans that they were filming the scene where Paige defeated AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. which led to a CM Punk chant. Rock said that he was going to call Punk and let him hear the fan chant, then apparently did exactly that.

Rock tried to get Punk on the phone via Facetime but Punk did not respond. He actually did comment on Twitter though, posting:

You can see video of The Rock below:

ORIGINAL: Here is a video of The Rock apparently calling CM Punk following RAW to let him know “15,000 fans in the STAPLES Center were chanting his name”. We’ll have additional videos from the post-RAW segment posted shortly. Stay tuned.

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