Backstage News: WWE Summerslam 75% Booked + New Divas Tag Team?


Partial Source: F4WOnline

– According to sources, WWE Creative has 75% of Summerslam booked. That includes matches, angles and finishes of the matches. 

– As noted earlier, Brock Lesnar will be making his WWE return this Monday night on Raw. 

– After the storyline with Fandango ended, Layla and Summer Rae are now officially a tag team. They are seen as the second coming of LayCool, which was a tag team made up of Layla and Michelle McCool. 

The reason WWE is putting the two as a tag team is because TNA put The Beautiful People back together. 

Some people in WWE feel that they put the two together because WWE needed a Divas tag team in their company.

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