Backstage Note On Anonymous AEW Leak, Why AEW Feels It’s Not A Wrestler


Back in October 2020, former NXT Superstar Tino Sabbatelli was revealed to be the source of a major AEW spoiler leak, as he revealed Eric Bischoff’s then AEW surprise reveal for Dynamite during the debate segment between he, Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. When this news leaked out, Jericho noted that it was from a “NXT reject” that had leaked the news ahead of the episode of Dynamite airing on worldwide television, hence spoiling the surprise.

According to a report from Fightful, it seems that Sabbatelli was not the source of these leaks and that it may not have been a wrestler at all from WWE/NXT. Supposedly, according to various AEW stars, someone who attended those television tapings was behind the leaks of not just that episode of Dynamite, but several that came afterwards. The leaks appeared to have come from the same “Reddit account” after Sabbatelli returned to WWE in December 2020. AEW officials, for obvious reasons, have “nuclear heat” with the anonymous leaker.

One other reason why AEW felt this couldn’t have been a wrestler is due to the leaker not being aware of Brodie Lee’s health status. Brodie tragically passed away in December 2020 following a non-COVID related lung disease. During that particular time, all wrestlers were well aware of Brodie’s health issues and kept that information private and confidential.

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