Mickie James

Backstage Note on Mickie James vs. Asuka Match, Was Mickie Legit Hurt?


During last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Asuka defended the RAW Women’s Championship against Mickie James. The referee in the match ruled that James was unable to continue, which resulted in a scary but awkward finish to everyone watching at home. As it turns out, there was a reason for the awkward finish.

According to a report by PWInsider, the planned finish for the match was for James to tap out to the Asuka Lock, but the match was stopped due to concern that James was injured based on how she was selling the move from Asuka. However, Mickie James is not injured and simply did a fantastic job of selling. She sold the finish so well that she fooled everyone watching backstage, which caused them to relay instructions to the referee for the match to be stopped.

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